3 Reasons Even Smaller Shops Should Offer Bags for Life

If you’ve been to a supermarket at any point during the last few years, you’ve doubtless noticed a growing variety of ‘bags for life’ on sale at the checkouts. Usually made from woven or unwoven polypropylene, cotton, canvas, or jute, these bags have become increasingly popular, and they’re just as appropriate in a small shop as they are in a national supermarket.

Here are just three reasons why your small shop should start providing bags for life.

  1. Cost-Effective Way to Advertise

Every business should understand the importance of advertising, but it can be hard to get your shop’s name out there without spending a pretty penny. Bags for life can be printed with your business name and an eye-catching design, so customers who buy them will be advertising your shop to others and themselves for as long as they keep the bag. Since bags for life take printing so well and last such a long time, each one is essentially a miniature billboard that lasts and lasts.

  1. Ideal Way to Go Eco-Friendly

It’s no secret that the push to promote bags for life comes as a way to cut down on single-use plastic bags. Plastic shopping bags that get binned after one or two uses are terrible for the environment – they don’t biodegrade and consume lots of natural resources to manufacture. By providing your customers with available bags for life instead of cheap plastic bags, you’ll be doing your bit to protect the environment.

  1. Great Way to Stay Ahead of Potential Charges

Right now, it’s only larger retailers who are legally obliged to charge a minimum of 5p for single-use plastic bags, and that’s helped remove an estimated 15 billion plastic bags from circulation. In the future, that charge will be applied to all retailers, even the smallest of corner shops. Start using bags for life now to get ahead of the times.