4 Reasons to Move from Gmail to Office 365

Email systems are at the heart of most businesses. It’s how you communicate with your staff, keep in touch with your customers, and store countless amounts of important data.

All of which is to say, you should love your email system — not just tolerate it. Because in today’s world, you aren’t just messaging back and forth anymore. You’re sharing files, planning meetings, creating reports, and more.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you and your team to collaborate more efficiently and securely than with other email management systems.

Here are four reasons to migrate from Gmail to Office 365:

1. Security

Security should be one of your highest priorities for an office-wide email system.

Regardless of the industry you work in, customer and staff data should be kept private and protected. Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a new security center for Office 365 users that includes a dashboard to help you manage and monitor security across your identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure, as well as a security scoring system and threat reports.

Office 365 works with you and your team to constantly improve the security of your email system across devices. Not many other office systems can promise that.

2. File storage

When it comes to email file storage, you’re going to need a reliable amount of space. Over the course of an average work day, you’re sending documents, photos, videos, links, and more. Office 365 offers much more space than its competitors — particularly when it comes to entry level or small business plans.

Should you find that you and your team require more space, upgrading to cloud storage is easy and affordable with Microsoft.

3. Apps and file sharing

Both Gmail and Office 365 come with a host of collaborative tools and apps. But which ones would best serve you?

Unlike Gmail, Office 365 apps go beyond creating and sharing files. With Office 365, you can write reports, build spreadsheets and make presentations. But you don’t have to stop there. With additional business apps like Teams, you can chat, make appointments and start live video meetings.

Being able to collaborate quickly and seamlessly will keep you and your coworkers engaged, which leads to better outcomes across the board.

4. Ease of Use

Ubiquity should be considered when choosing software for your office, and there’s a reason nearly everyone works with — or has worked with — Microsoft products.

Microsoft Office 365 works across devices and is simple to use. And it works on your desktop, meaning an internet outage is significantly less devastating to your productivity. Finally, Microsoft has multiple channels through which you can reach out if you need IT support or help with something. Migrating your email system can be a pain, but if you think Office 365 is the right call for your office, Aventis Systems is here to help you get the Microsoft IT Support, subscription licenses, and migration assistance your business needs to get it done.