5 reasons to consider a change of job

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about leaving your job. Whatever they might be, a change in career can seem like a daunting prospect, as any step into the unknown tends to be.

Most of us would think of leaving a job as an extreme step to take, but 71 percent of Americans surveyed last year were actively seeking a new job away from their current employers.

So, what are the main reasons to consider a change of job or career? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider finding a new job.

Lack of opportunity

While we think of the term “glass ceiling” as predominantly referring to a ceiling that woman can’t smash through in order to reach the upper echelons of their professions due to their sex, it can be equally applied to both sexes in some work environments. It effectively means being denied the opportunity to progress and if you feel like there is a lack of opportunity to move up the career ladder at your current place of employment, then that can be as good a reason as any to consider a move.

Bad management

Nobody in the right mind would want to work for Michael Scott in The Office would they? While we can laugh at the antics of the character played by Steve Carell and his ineptitude as a boss in the popular NBC sitcom, the sad reality is that there are managers like that all across the country. It’s enough to make you pour through available jobs elsewhere – which you should do if you feel you are working under bad management.

A bad workplace

It might not be the management that is the problem, but the company. Whether it be rude co-workers who you just can’t get on with or a company who offered no support to you through a difficult health or family problem, if you genuinely hate the place you work then moving to somewhere with better colleagues and an actual support network can be a worthwhile decision.

A better salary

While its good to love your work, the real reason most of us get out of bed every day to head to the office is for money. If you don’t feel like your services are being valued enough or you are just fed up with taking home so little money for your efforts every month, then you can change career for your salary. Whether it is a job in the same sector or a complete career change, Highersalary.Com can give you all the information you need on wages in both your field and a new venture.

Excessive workload – or the opposite

Nobody wants to feel overworked and that can be as a good a reason as any to want to leave your job. There is a flip side which not many of us consider though and that is being underworked. Being underworked can lead to boredom and a sense of pointlessness and if the day is dragging, then it might be time to move to somewhere where it doesn’t.