Buzzvoice Review | Digital marketing agency

Since we’re active in and around the same type of industry, this particular review of the services offered by digital marketing agency,, is going to be more of a technical one. We’re going to bring into focus some technical considerations around what goes into the making of these services which are offered to people and perhaps businesses seeking to boost their social media presence through increased engagement.

As a result, we’re going to touch on the discussion around safety, which should clarify the issues around enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that it’s real engagements you’d be getting and not engagements which can make for some grounds for your account get banned.

The Services

As far as the services go, BuzzVoice pretty much covers all the standard social media channels, with the addition of SoundCloud as well. SoundCloud is probably one which is targeted to a very specific segment of people seeking to establish their online presence, so we won’t get into too much detail about that one. Basically it’s for musicians, but it can also be for producers, promoters, or even influencers and affiliate marketers whose monetisation strategy might very well encompass music and streaming service referral commissions…

Otherwise BuzzVoice offers digital marketing services covering Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. By the time you’re reading about this topic, you probably already have a fair idea of what type of engagement you would want to target in order to kick-start a more organic torrent of engagement actions, such as more users suddenly following your Facebook page because the few who you targeted via BuzzVoice have taken the initiative to share what they like with their connections.

But let’s zone in on YouTube views, particularly in comparison with Instagram video views for a second, as the technical analysis thereof pretty much reveals the legitimacy of a digital marketing platform whose major unique selling point is security, amongst other elements. If you visit the YouTube views order page at, comparing that with the Instagram video views equivalent at, you’ll realise one major factor which is important in the consideration of the safety and security of these types of services.

1,000 YouTube views cost more than 1,000 Instagram views, but why is that? Is that the way it should be?

By no means is it a colossal price difference, but it brings to light one important consideration, which is that of exactly how a service provider such as BuzzVoice sources the man-power to complete the actions for which we pay as buyers of their service. Since there’s a guarantee of compliance with the usage terms and services of each platform catered to by the services, it only makes sense then that 1k YouTube likes would cost slightly more than the same number of Instagram video views. Simply put, it takes a bit more effort for some kind of end-party to complete a YouTube video view than it does an Instagram video view.

This method of essentially x-raying the source of the mass engagement actions for which you’re paying will give you a very good idea of the safety of the service you’re buying, even beyond BuzzVoice.