Designing Wedding Invitation with Photos

Many of us pay little attention to the importance of wedding invitations when compared to the price of the wedding dress, catering costs, and renting the venue. Though these things do matter during the wedding preparations, wedding invitations are also a significant part of the wedding preparations and need to be designed in advance. If you want to make your wedding a special occasion for the guests, then go for wedding invitations with photos.

Photo wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding. Once you have selected the theme for the wedding, you have to pick out photos of you and your spouse that will be printed on the invitations. You can use pictures from your engagement photos or even any other quality photos you already have. If planning a beach or tropical wedding, you can include photos of you and your spouse relaxing at your favorite beach or watching the sunset together. You can even add different accessories such as seashells or tropical flowers to the borders of the wedding invitations, to emphasize the theme of the wedding. The possibilities are almost endless on what can be done.

It is creating or designing such invitations that guarantee your invitations are unique and cannot be copied by any other individual or couple. Wedding invitations with photos also give the couple a chance to share something about themselves as a couple, and that’s why it’s crucial to make custom wedding invites.

You may come across many websites that allow you to get personalized wedding invitations at reasonable rates. All you have to do is download the templates depending upon your preferences and choose a theme that fits both your personalities as well as style. Lovely photos of you and your spouse can then be scanned and included in the invitations. In order to make your photo invitations more unique and stylish for the guests, you can add different borders or accessories to them. Colorful ribbons, laces can be punched into the invites, or you can also go in for paper flowers or beads. The details of the day can either be printed or written inside the wedding invites with outstanding fonts.

Many of the personalized wedding invites also come with a color change option for the photos. Couples can either choose for sepia tones or go in for the classic black and white images depending on your choice.

If you have no time to create these beautiful wedding invitations with photos, you can easily have them ordered from many of the online stores. Many of these stores sell themed wedding invitations. You can choose from lots of wonderful styles, including floral designs, watercolor patterns, vineyard accents, woodgrain, abstract details, and even geometric patterns. There is also plenty of layout for your cards, from portrait to landscape, and even perfect square that reflects the love you feel for each other.

Personalize your wedding by sending out modern wedding invitations with photos. Not only your friends and family will love this creative wedding invites, but you will also cherish them and even act as a long-lasting reminder of your wedding day. Some guests who have received such type of invitations are known to have framed them as portraits. Once again it all depends on your creativity skills and preferences.