How to keep your paper bags dry in the heavy rain

Paper bags are a versatile product that many clothing retail stores and business distributing other products are starting to adopt as a matter of course; however they do have one fundamental flaw, they are far from waterproof. Whilst some paper bag providers are introducing hybrid bags, with plastic casing and lining this somewhat detracts from the inherent environmental benefit paper bags provide. Here is our guide on how to keep your paper bags dry when using them during your shopping trips.

  1. Try and use one paper bag for your whole trip, and make it a strong one

When embarking on a shopping trip whether abroad or at home, it is a good decision both for you and the environment to try and keep a limit on the amount of paper bags you use from stores. Large stores like Primark and H&M now offer paper bags along with their goods.

If you say yes to every paper bag offer at every store, soon you will be inundated with countless paper bags. Keeping these all dry will be an extremely hard job. If you get one large paper bag when shopping you will find it easier to keep your new purchases dry.

  •  Make routine trips back to the car to drop off your paper bags

Our second tip is to make sure that you take some routine trips back to the car or hotel room to offload the new purchases this will make it easier to stick to one paper bag and also give you the chance to regroup before you venture out again.

  • Keep an umbrella handy!

Weather can be extremely unpredictable at times, and keeping an umbrella to hand will stop you from getting caught out in the rain. This will help to keep both you and your paper bag dry. Try and find a larger one that is good quality. The investment will pay off in the long run.

  • Place your paper bags in a warm dry area to make sure they retain their strength

If you plan on reusing your paper bag in the future, keeping it in good condition will increase the usable life of the product. If your paper bag does get wet, after you are done using it spread it out and leave it in a warm and dry environment. If you need your paper bag urgently, a hairdryer could be used to speed up the process. Providing your paper bag has been manufactured well, it will be ready to use again in no time.