How to Stay Healthy When You Work from Home

Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you get to live a kind of lifestyle that most working people are insanely jealous off. A growing number of people are now working jobs that enable them to not only work from home, but to work from their mobile devices. Being tied to a physical workspace feels outdated when you consider the range of jobs that are available to workers that enable them to work from home and over the internet.

One of the potential pitfalls of working from home is that you miss out on the daily commute to work. While many people are completely unaware of it, their daily commute might just be what’s keeping them in shape. It might only be a 20-minute walk, but traveling to and from work is something that most people do. Any exercise counts, even mild exercise, and 20 minutes of walking every day is actually about what most doctors would recommend as an exercise baseline to aim for.

Staying healthy when you work from home is all about taking responsibility for your own welfare. Once you start to make an effort with your fitness, you will discover that it is actually quite easy to exercise enough to make a difference to your health.

Stay Hydrated

We might as well start with the simplest piece of advice first, and it really doesn’t get any simpler than this. Staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy diet, although we often neglect our water intake when we are considering what to eat. Whether or not you think that you already stay hydrated throughout the day, it is worth checking out this article from Bevi entitled Tips for Staying Hydrated, which contains simple hydration tips that anyone can follow. If you aren’t sure how to stay hydrated, those tips for staying hydrated will show you how simple it is.

Remember, while water is technically the only thing that will hydrate you, you should remember that most of what you drink is water. We wouldn’t recommend that you substitute soda for water regularly – they clearly aren’t the same. But soda is mostly water, as is everything else you drink. Even freshly squeezed plant juice is mostly comprised of water.

Now, there are reasons why drinking plain water is beneficial, and when you drink water with other ingredients, your body has to work to process the other elements. When you drink plain water, you gain the maximum benefits, and it is important that staying hydrated doesn’t mean you massively up your sugar intake; water is a neutral substance that doesn’t cause any health concerns.

Walk Every Day

Setting yourself a goal of walking for 20 minutes every day should be easily achievable for most people. We recommend that you get yourself an app that counts how many steps you take throughout the day. You might be surprised by how much you move; people who work in retail and even in offices can rack up an impressive step count by the end of an average day.

However, when you work from home, you are more likely to be staying still for extended periods. If you have a job that enables you to work from a laptop, then we would strongly recommend identifying a library or similar public place that has free Wi-Fi, ideally somewhere that provides a decent walk to and from.

If you live relatively close to a town center, then you will often have a number of options open to you. Getting out of your house, going for a walk and working somewhere else is much better for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. You don’t want to spend all day every day inside on your own doing work. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job that you love, if you aren’t getting out enough, then you will soon start to feel it.

Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment can cost anything from less than a hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. If you want to go all in on your fitness, you can find multigyms for indoor use that combine benches, pull up bars and other equipment into a relatively compact unit. If you are very limited for space in your home, even a set of dumbbells is enough to start getting in shape and building up muscle.

If you have gym equipment in your home, you will take away one of our main excuses for not going to the gym. Most of us are guilty of avoiding exercise because we tell ourselves that we don’t have the time. In actual fact, getting enough exercise really doesn’t take very much time at all.

If you work from home, then you will have to get used to taking responsibility for yourself in a number of ways, and your fitness is no exception. Staying fit is easy if you are motivated, and you don’t need to set aside entire days for it. Try and get a little bit of exercise each day, arm yourself with some gym equipment if you can and, as always, consider whether your diet could be improved.