Ideas for A Weekend Tour in Riga: City Cocktail, Junket, Daugava, Old Streets

In Riga councils we mix different things to get a kind of “Riga balm” of sensations. In the list of top things, we have a cafe and a walk along the bridge, a junket to Riga and the most beautiful streets. It is up to you to decide which ingredient to add to your trip.

Clavis Riga City cocktail

In 2011, the Riga’s residents made the official city cocktail – “Key to Riga”. This is probably a good alternative to tasting the classic Riga balsam, as the drink, of course, is prepared on its basis. Apple juice, chocolate and ice liqueur are also added to it. The cocktail is served in chilled glasses. And if you need to take a bottle of Riga balsam home, you can start your acquaintance with Riga with a glass of Clavis Riga.

We recommend a cocktail party in Balsambar in the basement on Torņa iela 4-1B. A very emotional place with talkative bartenders and a great selection of balsam-based cocktails.

Art Nouveau neighborhoods in Riga

You can get acquainted with art nouveau in the architecture of Riga in two ways: quickly drive it to the Art Nouveau Museum in the New Center (12 Alberta Street) or devote a good half day to an unhurried walk through a number of quarters with a look at the fancy facades and shapes of buildings.

Without a guide, it will be beautiful, but incomprehensible. Art Nouveau style in the private architecture of the early XX century was to first of all make an external impression, but to read about the houses owners, to understand the philosophy of either fantastic or absolutely minimalistic forms and ideas of the authors, it’s worth it.

The Museum of Art Nouveau, as an apotheosis of style and primarily the interior, is small and truly gives the era idea. At the same time, you can go up to the very last floor in the building, where another small museum works, connected both with the style and the local artist works. The museum-apartment also restored era interiors. The Art Nouveau quarter is good for those who have been to Riga many times and no longer want to contemplate the medieval old center all day.

Old city

The old city in Riga is known for its narrow medieval streets. On one hand, it’s very commonplace, but on the other hand, how to leave Riga and not to take photos in such interiors? Judging by the crowding of local wedding photographers, Trokšņu iela will be one of the popular streets for photo souvenirs. Rozena iela may seem more atmospheric with a width of just over one meter with the first mention in the XIV century and still shabby walls. In a word, look for your street in Riga and take a photo for memory!

Junket to Riga

An excellent opportunity to spend time in a variety of ways – junket tour. There are many casinos in the city that offer all-inclusive holidays for the cost of chips. But choosing a gambling complex, you should give preference to VIP units. For example, SL Casino at the Kempinski Hotel in the old town heart. This is an elite place with impeccable service, managed by the Michael Boettcher’s Storm International company, known in Europe for over 25 years.

Walk on the bridge over the Daugava

Imperishable views opening from one of the bridges to old Riga should be for every traveler who comes to this city, regardless of the time of the year. It is only worth choosing clothes according to the weather, since in winter and autumn a piercing wind over the wide Daugava can turn a trip to the other side of the river into a severe test. One of the best city views opens from the cable-stayed bridge.

You can return to old Riga by public transport. But if you want to take a short break in looking at tourist attractions and understand how Riga lives outside the “tourist ghetto”, you can take a walk through ordinary residential quarters to the next bridge to return to Riga again!

Life hack for thoughtful tourists. When ordering a junket, casino’s guests, said Darren Keane, the Storm International network’s director, receive a guided tour for free.