Keep Express Delivery Paper Bags in Mind for Your Business

It makes sense to take time selecting your bags and ordering them well in advance. Most businesses do just that, which means they’ll never find themselves needing express delivery bags. However, not needing them today isn’t the same as not needing them tomorrow, so here are just a few reasons to keep express delivery paper bags available as an option.

Quick Turnaround

The best thing about express delivery paper bags is being able to get them as soon as possible. That might not sound like a big deal now when you have plenty of time to plan out what you need, but it’s well worth keeping them in mind for the future. For example, you might suddenly find yourself low on stock after an unexpectedly busy couple of days, or you might want the printing on your bags to temporarily reflect an upcoming sale or launch item.

Surprising Variety of Options

Most people assume that express delivery paper bags will come in only a couple of options, but that’s simply not true. You’ll be able to choose between folded handle and twisted handle, select white or Kraft paper, or go for a block bottom bag. You might even move into the express luxury selection with options like ribbon, rope, black edge, and luxury bottle bags. Regardless of your choice, expect the same kind of high-quality printing you would from bags ordered weeks in advance.

Low Minimum Order

Another assumption people often make when considering express delivery bags is that they’ll need to order the same quantity they normally would. This is usually either impractical or hard to cover financially, but it’s not actually something you need to worry about. Most providers are more than happy to accept a low minimum order when you’re buying express bags. That means you’ll get what you need in the short-term without having to worry about going overboard.