Lawyers on demand: the future of the legal landscape

On demand lawyers allow businesses to choose from a pool of legal talent, at an affordable price, whenever legal advice is needed.

The trend of legal resourcing and consultancy, with lawyers working on an ad-hoc and on-demand basis, has been increasing over the years. Why work for a law firm, working insane hours when you can work largely at a time that suits you?

For lawyers, this path offers an alternative lifestyle to the traditional hard-working demands placed on lawyers within an in-house team or at a law firm. Legal resourcing allows for more freedom and flexibility both for lawyers and for organisations.

Take a look at how both lawyers and clients can benefit from freelancing:

Lawyer Benefits:

  • More freedom
  • Flexible schedule
  • Higher earning potential
  • Work on more unique clients and cases

Organisation benefits

  • Access to lawyers with different skills and knowledge on demand
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Cost-effective alternative to an in-house team

Many law firms are starting to recognise the benefits of investing in legal resourcing on a case-by-case scenario so that they don’t have to have a large employee base with skills that might not be needed on a constant basis.

For organisations, and even law firms, legal resourcing is a quick way to reduce overhead costs by avoiding fees for sick pay, holiday pay, an annual salary, and various other costs that come with employing full-time members of staff.

There are reputable firms offering legal resourcing and consultancy to businesses that are looking to invest in legal help in this way, meaning it is now an accessible and popular choice across the board.