Learning the different stages of the market trend

Earning money during a global economic crisis is a very tough task. Those who have the skills often find themselves in an odd position. To deal with such problems, the smart people in Hong Kong often trade the financial market. Trading the financial market is not going to make you rich. To protect yourself from this complex world, you have to act like a smart investment.

Those who are familiar with the Forex or stock trading business knows the importance of trend trading method. But just by knowing the details of the trend trading method, you are not going to become a rich trader. You have to know about the different stages of the market trend.


When the market starts rallying higher, it is known as an uptrend. In an uptrend, the market will make higher highs and higher lows. The traders need to look for the buying opportunity when the market exhibits such upward momentum. But never place the trade in an uptrend when the market is trading near the critical resistance level. These are the time when the bearish retracement takes place. You should gain knowledge about the major retracement in the market so that you can find the exact entry point for the trades. There are, on today’s market, a few stock trading apps that can help you out with that.


When the market falls sharply, it is known as downtrend. The price will make new higher lows associated with lower lows. Instead of placing the short trades at a random place, you should learn to deal with the key support and resistance level. Wait for the bullish retracement so that you can place your trade with tight stops. But for that, you should have a strong analytical ability.

Traders often forget the power of a professional trading platform. They start placing random trades with big hope that they will earn money. But the faulty trading environment always forces them to lose trades. To learn about the professional brokerage firm navigate to this website. Once you know the importance of a reputed broker, you will never trade with a low-end trading platform.

Sideway market

If the price of a certain asset trades in a confined region, it is known as the sideway market. Most of the time, the price doesn’t react to the trending movement. When the market is moving in a sideways direction, you should look for the past trend. Based on the direction of the last existing trend, you should place your trade. Some of you might think that the market will never break the support and resistance level in the sideways market. But the major breakout will take place in the event of high impact news


Retracement is the price movement against the major trend. The elite traders in Hong Kong use the concept of retracement to find the perfect entry point. If you are not familiar with the retracement concept, start trading with the demo account and slowly you will learn why retracement is so important in the currency trading profession. But never try to find the end of retracement by using the lower time frame. Analyze the daily or weekly time frame so that you can make a big profit without losing too much money.

Risk exposure

After learning the different states of the price movement, you will be able to place your trade with a high level of accuracy. To improve your trade execution process, focus on the long term goals and try to find the mistakes. Develop a trend trading strategy so that you won’t have to lose a big sum of money. Trading can be a daunting task but by having a strong knowledge of this market, you can easily become a skilled trader.

Being a naïve trader, you should also think about the risk exposure.  If you trade the market with high risk, you are bound to lose trades. So be a safe player to protect your trading capital.