Direct Launcher is the brainchild of my friend Justin and I and was established to provide consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Little did we know when we started just seven years ago, that
Direct Launcher would grow into a sizeable business with several employees within a relatively short space of time.

Justin and I met at college. He was studying law while I was doing a degree in finance. Both of us shared a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship and spent many hours strategizing about establishing a business and studying whatever company that caught our attention. Whenever one of us would come across an interesting business or inspiring entrepreneur, we’d discuss the reasons for success and failure just for the fun of it.

Both of us didn’t want to pursue a conventional career path and consequently joined forces and set up Direct Launcher.

Direct Launcher – The First Few Years

With just a degree and very little money in our back pockets, Justin and I found small offices in a reasonably good location. We put up a sign, printed business cards and stationery, equipped the offices and soon opened the doors to our first few clients. The trouble was, we had no track record, no glowing testimonials or recommendations and generally very little to show for, other than our drive and enthusiasm. Though we worked very hard and put in long hours, business was slow, simply because we were new and yet unknown.

Sitting in a beautiful office, bursting with drive, ambition, and skill, waiting for the phone to ring is excruciatingly though. Apart from the obvious financial hardship endured, the frustration and stress levels are on a constant rise, and sometimes, you may even feel like giving up.

If it hadn’t been for our mutual support and the excellent feedback we had received from all our clients, we would not have withstood the stresses and strains suffered by self-starters. There were, however, encouraging signs and, combined with our steely will to succeed, we vowed to soldier on and invest some of our energy in promoting our business.

That’s how our fortunes drastically changed. Within a short few months after launching our first powerful advertising campaign. We went from a handful of clients to a stage where we had to employ no less than 15 staff members, just to keep up with the work.

Now, we always tell our clients that even if they offer the best products or service their venture will fail without a proper marketing and advertising strategy.

As for Direct Launcher, we continue to go from strength to strength and are loving every single minute of it. We now know first hand what it takes to establish a financially viable company, what pitfall to avoid and how to have fun while working very hard.

Direct Launcher – What We Do For You

We provide consulting services for entrepreneurs, inventors, self-starters and small business. In close collaboration with our clients, we create smart business strategies for the establishment and growth of small businesses. We will help you turn your idea into a well-oiled, profitable small firm. Once setup, we will show you how to expand organically and transition from small to decidedly sizeable.

Business Plan and Strategy: We will help you create a powerful business plan for you to present to financial institutions and potential investors.

Finance: We will outline all the various business financing options and prepare you for your meetings with financial institutions and investors.

Legalities and Tax: Justin will provide you with all the information you require regarding the legal implications of establishing a company, trading as a partnership or setting up as a sole trader. Additionally, we will fill you in on all the tax implications, the registration process and all other necessary steps.

From Idea to Business: Frequently, individuals approach us with nothing more than a great business idea. Together, we analyze the idea, its potential and go onto turn the idea into a profitable company. This process requires a lot of planning, time and intelligence, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

The Logistics: Once you have a solid business plan, we can help you with all the logistics, including location premises, sourcing suppliers, and all other practical jobs.

Marketing and Advertising: We help you shout about your business to make sure everyone will know about it. We know from experience how vital marketing and advertising are in the success of a profitable business.

Business Growth: We also support existing small businesses wishing to grow and expand.

Business Support: Some clients have us on stand-by and consult us whenever the need arises. We hold regular meetings and make sure the company remains on track.

Direct Launcher Website

This website is an additional resource for our clients, current, and future, and the place where you can get in touch. You will find lots of useful tips and information and may even connect with other self-starters and experts in the field.

We hope you will let us help you too!