Matte vs. Gloss: How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Printed Paper Bags

Adding a laminated finish to your paper bags can provide them with a more prestigious appearance and enhance the perceived quality of your brand. Of course, you’ll need to decide whether to go fora matte or gloss finish. Neither choice is going to end up looking bad, but it’s always well worth considering a few factors before you make your final decision.

It should go without saying that appearance should be one of your prime considerations, and this is an area where matte and gloss slightly diverge.

A matte finish doesn’t reflect light, instead absorbing it. This provides a more muted appearance that often creates a slightly frosted look. It’s a subtler look, and it’s perfect when you’re worried about too much glare reflecting off your bags. In contrast, a gloss finish, as the name suggests, is very reflective; in fact, it makes the material it is used on look a little bit like glass. Many people feel that a gloss finish provides a more high-end appearance, and it’s certainly a more eye-catching way to show off your branding.

Beyond appearance, you should also think about how well your bags are going to stand up over time. One of the problems with a gloss finish is that fingerprints, dirt, and dust will be more visible across it; additionally, scratches and imperfections will show up more easily, and any creases will look particularly bad. Matte finishes are a little less forgiving since any stains, scratches, and other marks will be less visible. Whether this matters will come down to whether you expect or desire your customers to keep using their bags.

Regardless of whether you opt for matte finish or gloss finish, you’ll find that by opting for laminated bags, your bags look more striking and the design more attention-grabbing than if you leave them plain. High quality printed bags are a great addition to your branding and can help add a touch of luxury to your packaging, to show off your products at their best.