Print vs. Weave: How to Put the Logo on Your Promotional Tie

Promotional ties can be a fantastic way to raise awareness of your business and keep your name in people’s minds, and it always helps to include a logo on the body of the tie. Of course, this means having to choose between weaving the logo into the fabric or having it printed on top.

Both options come with their own benefits, so make sure you consider them before moving forward.

The Benefits of a Printed Logo

The main benefit of printing your logo onto promotional ties is that the cost of each item will be dramatically reduced. If you’re going to be ordering a large number of ties to be given away to a diverse range of people, the expense associated with woven logos really isn’t worth it. This is especially true if many other promotional items are being presented – ties may be discarded by those who receive them when there is plenty else on offer.

Additionally, it takes far less time to create printed ties, so larger orders can be shipped to you quickly for an upcoming event. And if you really require fine detailing, printing will be a superior option since photographic-quality images can be easily reproduced.

The Benefits of a Woven Logo

Weaving a logo into a tie takes longer and costs more, but the final product is often worth it. Woven logos simply imply superior quality. If you want to present an extremely professional air or have a more traditional logo, weaving is probably the way you should go. In contrast, printed ties feel like more of a novelty item – that’s fine for some promotional ties, but not for others.

You’ll also find that woven ties last a lot longer. Printed logos can start to flake and peel, especially if the tie is worn and washed regularly. Ask yourself how likely it is for your promotional ties to be worn after they have been distributed. If they might be worn in the future, make sure they stay looking their best by weaving instead of printing the logo.