Reasons to Hire a Sourcing Agent When Importing From China

When it comes to great products with great quality, Chine is the leading country. China has a friendly business environment that’s why there are many manufacturing industries who sell their products at a cheaper price than other regions worldwide.

When you are considering purchasing products from China, it is vital to hire an excellent sourcing agent. Although many business people want to go the DIY way, this could turn to be a costly method in the long run. A sourcing agent will help to ensure your products are shipped safely, and that you receive them on time. If it is your first time to purchase products from China, has compiled a guide to help you during the importing process.

Below is a list of the benefits that your business will obtain when you choose to hire a sourcing agent.

  1. Saves you money

This sounds funny, right? Because I know most of you will say “how do I save money when I am going to hire middle men? Will I not pay the middlemen? Does that not add up the expenses?  All these questions are correct and you are good to ask yourself. However, think about when you decide to travel and purchase your own goods, how much will you spend on travel and accommodation? Now that you have traveled to China, think about the new business environment, quite complex. This will force you to hire a guide to move your round. Moreover, you are not knowledgeable of the local industries and suppliers. Don’t you think you risk falling into the hand of corn artists?

A sourcing agent knows the genuine suppliers and is knowledgeable of the business environment. Additionally, a sourcing agent has dealt with the suppliers for many years and they are more likely to sell the products at an affordable price since they have a closer relationship. Think about if you could be the one facing the supplier direct; could you have got the products at a reasonable price? Of course not!

  1. A reliable local representative

Little or no knowledge of the local market is one of the major setbacks that foreigners experience when purchasing products overseas. A sourcing agent is an individual who was born in that region who has knowledge of the local markets and more so has business contacts with the local suppliers. By hiring a sourcing agent, your business is locally represented and your businesses interested are treated first. Also, you stand a chance to get great deals at affordable prices.

  1. Language

To ensure a business success, communication should be clear for both parties. A professional sourcing agent is good in both English and the local language, therefore he will ensure to communicate your ideas so that you get superior products at a reasonable price. Remember language barrier can make you the whole business process a nightmare. If you decide to DIY, think of how you are going to communicate with the Chinese suppliers, don’t you think you even risk receiving products you never ordered? Spare yourself all these headaches and hire a sourcing agent.