Reshaping the legal industry one trend at a time

As with all professions, there are some upcoming trends that have emerged in the legal industry and are changing the way that legal professionals are going about their business.

We’ve outlined some of these trends in this blog. There are so many trends that could be highlighted here, but we have kept to a select few that are really booming within legal firms in the UK at the moment.

 Legal outsourcing

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a global shift in the delivery model for legal services. This new model, known as legal process outsourcing (LPO), transfers the work of legal professionals to external companies. Legal resourcing, both onshore and offshore, is transforming law practice as law firms and in-house departments seek to reduce costs, increase flexibility and expand their in-house capabilities.

Better work-life balance

As with most industries, there was previously a pressure to do more with less and a personal life came secondary to work. However, even legal professionals now are demanding a better work-life balance and more flexibility within their role. New workplace policies and alternative options for work arrangements are transforming the law firm environment and making it much more appealing.

 Virtual law firms

Secure, web-based technology allows legal professionals to work from virtually anywhere and as a result more legal professionals are opting to work remotely from home or from a virtual law office.  This links nicely to the above trend of work-life balance as virtual law offices provide an alternative method of practicing law that permits flexible work hours and working virtually allows legal professionals to do their job and serve their clients while modifying their schedule to fit personal and family needs.

 Alternative billing

Pressure on all businesses to minimise legal costs has forced law firms to diverge from the traditional billable-hours model in favour of new alternative billing methods such as fixed, flat or blended fees. In order to nurture long-term relationships and maximise value, more law firms are embracing alternative billing as a way to meet the needs of clients who are trying to keep an eye on their costs.