The Pros and Cons of Themed Playground Equipment

People often struggle when they need to decide whether or not to stick with a main theme for their playground. There are plenty of themes available, but the advantages of going with themed equipment need to be balanced against the drawbacks before you make your final decision.

Why Should You Use Themed Playground Equipment?

Probably the most obvious reason to opt for themed playground equipment is that it creates a more appealing play area, especially for younger children. Most children are going to be more excited about playing on a pirate ship instead of playing on a generic fort, and such designs can really get kids using their imaginations.

Of course, themed playground equipment also tends to look a little better. Following the same theme across different pieces will create a strong overall image that reflects well on your business. It’s also a lot easier to put together your playground when you can simply work through the items included with a certain theme.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Themed Playground Equipment?

Themed playground equipment can be great, but it does have its fair share of drawbacks, and these mostly centre around a lack of flexibility. If you have one piece of equipment that doesn’t fit with the theme, that piece is going to stick out like a sore thumb. You might find that your choices are somewhat limited since certain items will not be made as part of your chosen theme. You could also face problems if one piece of equipment is damaged – the same theme might not be produced anymore.

Furthermore, themed playground equipment is usually easier to damage; at least, damage will show up more clearly when paint begins to chip away or any part of the structure is broken off. This won’t matter as much if the equipment is neutral. Everyone is going to notice that a wheel has snapped off a fake railway carriage, but such flaws will be less obvious on structures made from by plain, unpainted wood.