The top 4 Habits That Foster Mental Toughness at the Workplace

The office environment can be one heck of a rollercoaster, especially for one with a weak mind and soul. Here is where lifelong friendships are formed, foes are found, and the proverbial middle-life-crisis kicks in when one feels like they’ve not done enough with their lives.

Whatever the challenge, it is fundamental that an employee develops the grit to overcome personal and work-related tribulations. In turn, oozing a cool and calm persona while at the office.

Remember GRIT equates to; Greatness Requires Internal Toughness. So to stand out at the office, one needs to foster mental toughness regardless of the complexity of the current predicament that they are in.

That being said, here are 10 habits required to foster mental fortitude at the workplace.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Regarded as the cornerstone of mental toughness, one cannot be internally tough if they do not have the ability to comprehend fully the strong negative emotions within them, brush them aside, and work towards a specific goal. There will be times where your emotional intelligence (EQ) will be put to the test.

Unlike the IQ, the EQ is a dynamic skill that can be inherently improved if time and effort is put into the equation.

Hence, it’s no surprise that 90% of top performers happen to have an exceptionally high EQ, translating to more earnings than their relatively diminished EQ counterparts.

inspiration to make things happen.

  1. The Prowess to neutralize toxicity

Toxic workmates; aren’t they just the worst? Dealing with them can feel like another 9-5 altogether! On the other hand, if one happens to be mentally tough, then by default, they will revert to their emotional intelligence when handling such people.

For starters, they will keep their feelings in check, and not get into petty qualms with these difficult people.

Instead of arguing, they strive to come to an amicable solution with their unreasonable counterpart for the overall benefit of the company.

  1. Embracing change when it comes

Adaptability is one of the strongest fortitudes of mental toughness that an individual can possess. They know that the fear of change in itself is a hindrance to happiness.

For example, if the company proposes a new structure whereby one will be introduced to new ideas and projects, instead of panicking, he or she embraces them, and puts in the effort to master their new role.

That being said, adopting such exceptional habits is the key to both mental and emotional success at the workplace.

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  1. Confidence

A pragmatic quote from the legendary Henry Ford summarizes this emotion perfectly. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right”

Mental toughness is a precursor to one’s confidence. If a person has the mentality to get something done at the office (say complete a projected before its stipulated deadline), then they will do everything in their power to have it delivered in due course.

True confidence is a presence that can be felt by all and sundry at the workplace. How one carries themselves, how they articulate, and the posture they have can create a profound effect on workmates.