Tips for Effective App Competitor Research

Developing an app can be rewarding, but it requires quite a bit of work. One of the biggest and most common app development mistakes is not putting in enough time upfront on market and competitor research.

App competitor research can provide you with a foundation for your marketing plan, but it’s more than that. Competitor research can be used as a way to guide your development process. You can see where you need to make changes based on what your competitors are doing, but also what they’re not doing.

Competitor research can also show you that something you may think is an amazing feature isn’t necessarily what users want.

The following are some key tips for app competitor research.

Read Reviews

You can manually go through reviews and see what users are saying about your competitors, which is effective but time-consuming.

You can also use a service that will do it for you, and provide you with data and analytics. Review services will go through and see what people are talking about, group certain topics into categories, and show how generally positive or negative reviews are. These service platforms can also be used to identify larger trends.

If you’re doing it manually, create spreadsheets for the competitors you’re looking at and keep things organized as you go through.

Be Specific with Criteria

To make competitive analysis more efficient and streamlined you should have an idea of the specific criteria you want to look at.

An important consideration is the ranking of the app. You can see how it ranks not only by country and earnings but also within specific categories.

Along with the general criteria that will show you how an app ranks, think about looking at the articles and reviews used to promote your competitors. You can find this by using something like Mention. You can also set up Google Alerts for certain apps, and this is likely something you’ll do for your own app as well.

Web Presence and Social Presence

Just doing a Google search, or using the tool Mention listed above can help you see what your competitor’s web presence is. You can use certain websites that will show your traffic per day, as an example.

There are free tools to monitor competitors’ social media presence as well. LikeAlyizer is just one option which is used for checking on Facebook pages. LikeAlyzer has an internal scoring system, and you can see comparisons of industries and brands similar to your own.

Download Your Competitor’s App

Sometimes the best way to do competitor research is to go ahead and download the app. You’ll also want to sign up for the newsletter they send out.

This will show you not just the features and functionality of the app, but also things like how they onboard new users, and how they’re using push notifications as an example.

You can see if they’re using op-in prompts, and how they welcome new users. You can see how they’re guiding new users through the content, and if there are any special offers.  Finally, downloading the app will alos let you see how they keep existing users engaged.