Top reads for tech industry start-ups…

Getting inspired and geared up through reading as many informative books possible, can help ensure your business takes the right steps to success. Knowledge is power in business, and in the rapidly evolving sector of technology, staying ahead is critical.

Your business’ growth and development relies on you knowledge seeking and staying on top of all the latest trends. From how to create the optimum working environment for creative minds, to the world’s next consumer-changing trends, there’s a lot you don’t know yet about entrepreneurship and the tech industry that you can discover in this reading list…

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg: How Google Works

Dive deep into the workings of one of the most powerful and impressive firms in today’s world. This is an exceptionally interesting concept for anyone in tech. Written by top Google executives, How Google Works offers its readers an insightful account of Google’s incredible corporate philosophy, processes and culture. Google is famous for its innovative and creative approach to the world of digital. Discover how it bounced back from some unsuccessful moves and evolved into the company we respect today with How Google Works.

Kevin Kelly: The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

How will the world look in decades to come? Kevin Kelly paints a picture of ways in which technological forces will overlap, mix and come to co-depend on each other — crucial to know if any of these trends relate to your business.

On offer with this book are fascinating insights into advances in multiple aspects of digital, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. If you’re new to the tech industry, learn what to expect to prep your company now for the customer of tomorrow.

Alec Ross: The Industries of the Future

Read this book and you’ll be guided how to continue looking ahead and moving forward. A New York Times bestseller, Ross delivers an extensive insight into your industry’s most important advances, from cybersecurity and robotics to genomics and big data, using input from global leaders.

Senior advisor for innovation when Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State, Alec Ross brings a wealth of knowledge to this book. His extensive travel has given him access to the some of the most powerful people in business, and his book is packed with astute observations regarding opportunities for growth and the unknown tech forces that are changing — or will change — the world.

Ivan R. Misner: Networking Like a Pro

Would you welcome some guidance on how to make rewarding contacts in business? Read this book, and you’ll boost your knowledge of overcoming various networking hurdles that could hold you back as your company grows.

Regardless of whether networking comes naturally to you, there’s room for improvement with the help of this book. From making useful associates to develop your business, to implementing an effective referral marketing campaign; Networking Like a Pro offers tools, templates and a results-measuring system to help you action your networking strategy and make valuable business connections.

Evan Carmichael: Your One Word

This book is a source of pure inspiration and support, to call on when goal setting and developing strategies. Evan Carmichael, who wrote Your One Word, launched and sold his biotech company at just 19 years old — so, his book is perfect if you want the same rapid success. If you need a boost of confidence and an injection of motivation to start making your tech-business dreams come true, immerse yourself in the powerful words of Carmichael.

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