Vacation Option for Active People – Casino Tour

The alluring world of casinos and games is an opportunity to relax and experience the action of adrenaline thrown into the blood at the gaming fuse time. People come here not only for wins, but for a calm, measured rest from a gray everyday life; for a pleasant atmosphere, floating in the casino walls; behind the monotonous different slot machines noise; for the magic dealers’ and croupiers’ manipulations.

The impressions peak is achieved during the victory. This amazing feeling inspires a person for a long time, attracting him, forcing him to return to the casino and enjoy the pleasant game process. And in order to extend the pleasure for several days, gaming complexes offer gaming tours.

Today, a casino tour is a very common and popular phenomenon. This is exactly what you need to fully enjoy its majesty – the game. And what’s nice, it can be done anywhere in the world. A casino tour is an interesting vacation option for people who do not like the sea, miss excursions and do not want to devote their time to outdoor activities.

Belarusian Casinos

The capital of Belarus has always been in great demand among real players. In this country, playing in a casino is legal; all gambling units have special licenses. Many of them offer their guests junket tours to Minsk, when the player does not need to pay for their accommodation, food, travel – all this is realized at the casino expense. The player only has to make a deposit, that is, redeem the establishment’s chips for the agreed amount.

In order not to experience such restrictions and not spend a lot of money on the game, you can organize your trip differently. For example, order a group or individual transfer, leave a request for visa support and even order excursions in the capital vicinity and in other country parts. Casino tourism is not limited to playing for the game sake, it additionally introduces the country, its nightlife and main attractions.

Casino “Shangri La Minsk”

An excellent place for a casino tour can be the elite Shangri La Minsk, which is a part of casino’s network operated by the international company Storm International, Darren Keane has been a CEO for many years. “Shangri La Minsk” is a luxury and comfortable place where experienced professional management, a high level of service, a guarantee of security and confidentiality await you.

A person who first comes to a gambling unit, first of all, needs to master the rules offered here, since different games variations are offered in different places and countries. For example, in Shangri La Minsk, Super games are traditionally held. To participate in Super games, you need to accumulate points that are accrued for each game visit. The point system gives the right to additional privileges to regular guests of Storm International, Darren Keane said.

Gambling England

UK casinos are real architectural exhibits, and then gambling clubs. Most of the London gambling houses were built in the 19-20 centuries, after which their style was carefully preserved for decades.

Clermont Club is the aristocratic England traditions keeper and the best casino in the country. Becoming a member of this elite club is not easy. You must apply for membership in the club 24 hours before the planned game, and there is no guarantee that the guest will be accepted. The casino has a strict dress code and face control, which also complicates the pass.

Mint Casino is a popular place among tourists in the UK. In addition to standard games, the club offers various entertainment events and shows. Here, tourists can play classic poker, American roulette, blackjack, Caribbean stud and three-card poker. There is no mandatory membership point at Mint Casino, which means that any tourist who has reached the age of 18 can go out the casino door and try their luck.

Hippodrome Casino is the legendary complex in London, which began operations in 1900. Many famous personalities were Establishment’s visitors.

The Ritz Club is located on the famous Piccadilly Circus. To play here, you must become a member of the club and pay a contribution of £ 1,000, after which the club card is issued on the spot and a person can immediately start playing.

The Casino at the Empire is a piercing gambling energy and a positive mood charge. Over 200 slot machines and 25 gaming tables in the very center of London. Upon entering the casino, it is enough to present some kind of identification document.

UK gambling units are the most stylish and expensive casinos in Europe. Proof of this is thousands of satisfied tourists.