Why is it important to fill out a RIDDOR report?

Good health and safety management within a business is essential if you want to be compliant whilst also keeping your workers safe. The RIDDOR regulations stipulate that you must make the necessary report when a certain incident has occurred. Doing so will keep you compliant with the health and safety executive and also provide valuable learnings that you can use to improve your businesses health and safety.

In this article, we have a look at why it is important to file a RIDDOR report if a reportable incident has occurred.

RIDDOR is the term applied to reports that need to be made in certain situations in the workplace. They can involve dangerous near misses, full-blown accidents and occupational injuries. It is worth noting that occupational exposure to coronavirus and the subsequent contraction of COVID-19 are also now RIDDOR reportable in certain situations.

Filling a RIDDOR report provides a backlog of data for the Executive

It is easy to view RIDDOR as a regulatory obligation but it does a lot of good for the betterment of health and safety. All reports are kept on a database which can be used to compile data on current health and safety performance on a national level. Contributing to this means your business will be helping to provide the relevant information to authorities who can then work out where the priority areas of improvement are in terms of health and safety.

Making RIDDOR reports will help you stay compliant

No company wants to be sued, and one of the ways that you can avoid a costly legal battle is through filling RIDDOR reports where necessary. This will keep your business compliant with the law and reduce the potential exposure to lawsuits. Needless to say, this could save you money in the long run.

Spotting RIDDOR reports can give you some valuable information

Another great benefit you could yield from proper RIDDOR compliance is a better understanding of the shortcomings within your own business in terms of safety. Having the RIDDOR reportable incidents within your mind may open your eyes to the number of dangerous occurrences that may have before gone unnoticed within an organisation. This will give you insights that you can use to take action before incidents occur in the future.

Inform all necessary employees on the basics of RIDDOR

Having a good understanding of RIDDOR throughout the organization will help stop potential incidents slipping through the cracks. Encourage internal development within your line managers and ensure they all know how to fill out a RIDDOR reportable and spot a RIDDOR reportable incident. This will increase the overall safety of your company.