Why you should not buy reviews

You just started a new business and you are wondering the best way to go about building your business. You suddenly come across a post with someone offering to sell reviews at a cheap rate. It could be very tempting to follow this shortcut to solve the problem. The offer could also be tempting to businesses are already existing and do not have a lot of reviews or whose reviews are mostly negative. You would consider buying reviews to cater for the excesses that you have. Even though it might look like a good way to boost your reputation and use the end justifies the means approach, it is often not the best way to go. Here are some reasons why you should not buy reviews.

You could be caught
Most top independent review websites know that business owners might want to buy reviews. This is considering there are companies that apart from buying positive reviews from their own companies do not mind to also sponsor negative reviews to be posted about their competitors. In line with this, top reviews often put in a lot of measures to identify cases of review buying and attend to it accordingly. With that, you could easily get caught when you buy reviews. After paying for the views, the reviews could be deleted by the company that owns the review websites. In the end, you would have lost money with no results. Thus, it is not a good idea to buy reviews. Furthermore, when other people who are reading reviews find out that you have been buying reviews, they would lose all their trust in your organization. They will believe that you can cheat in the quest to gain new customers or make a profit. They will subsequently be wary of you and avoid patronizing you as much as possible.

You could end up worsening things
When you post a lot of positive reviews about your company on a reviews website, chances are that it is going to attract more customers to you. If you cannot cater to that traffic at that moment, you would have issues with a lot of customers demanding products that have been shown in your reviews. In the quest to boost your reputation and work for the payment they have reviewed, the person you paid for the reviews might have made some exaggerated claims that are beyond your company. Subsequently, disappointed customers will come back to put negative reviews on your website about how initial reviews did not match the quality of service you delivered.

It is not ethical
Honesty and integrity are traits that every individuals and organization should have. When you start to buy reviews, you are going out of the ethical way of doing business. You are cheating, which is wrong. Even if at the end of the day, you get the results you seek, the way you got them will continue to be wrong. The wrong might one day come to hunt you if anybody should ever get to know what you did or after experiencing some significant growth, you could be blackmailed by the person you paid to get reviews for you.