You Do Not Want to Look Too Gimmicky During a Trade Show

Trade shows are festive. You can hear loud music all over the place and there are tastefully decorated booths. Companies want the opportunity to advertise to their target audience during such events, and they want to stand out.

If given a chance to join a trade show, you need to do your best to excel; otherwise, you are wasting the opportunity to meet potential customers and directly engage with them.

Make sure that you decorate your booth and attract attention. You also need an exhibition display stand so that those who are unable to go inside the booth and speak with your representatives will still receive crucial information about your company. Given the number of people attending the event, it is impossible for you to talk with all of them. Therefore, you need to maximise the chance to advertise using various methods.

The problem is when you end up being too gimmicky in your efforts to attract attention. You might end up turning everyone off because your booth starts to look repulsive.

Too many decorations could be distracting

There is nothing wrong with improving the appearance of your booth. You want people to come and see what you have to offer. However, if you have too many things going on, it might be difficult for people even to come inside. They might even feel turned off because the place does not look professional anymore. Instead, they might go to booths that are simpler than yours.

The booth could be too loud

It is also okay to use music to attract attention, but not in a way that it becomes so loud that everyone can barely hear themselves talking. Some attendees enter your booth because they want to gain information. If it is impossible to chat due to the loud noise, they will not find any sense in going inside.

You are straying off brand

You also need to consider what you are selling before you can say that your strategy is correct. For instance, if you are selling office supplies and furniture, you need to create a professional-looking booth since your primary target is professionals. You might attract people to come to your booth, but it might not necessarily be the right audience.

You become a laughingstock

Unless you are selling fun and creative products, there is no sense in using tons of unnecessary gimmicks. Besides, you also need to compare yourself with other companies present in the event. You do not want them to laugh at you for looking too desperate to attract attention.

Meet with your marketing team and decide how you can entice people to come and visit your booth during a trade show, but without overdoing the booth. Look for creative concepts that are in line with your brand and maximise the space given to you.

The important thing is to engage with your target audience and make them aware of your company.